What it’s like to fall in love

Official what it feels like to fall in love.001

Image: Page 46 of “Pointed Roofs” by Dorothy Miller Richardson. Most of the text has been blacked out. The remainder reads:

The high

the long sweep

of glad music

the first duet

unexpectedly loud

trembling hands

across the hearthrug

remember the red-hot fire

the bottle

the room full of play

the silly remark

feeling whole



hoping each time

to discover the secret

thrilled out

into the air


This is an erasure poem for Yeah Write’s Challenge #352. Join me by clicking on the badge below.


The original text is below:




12 thoughts on “What it’s like to fall in love”

  1. Lisa, as always, you leave me breathless and in awe of you ability to weave words together. Erasure poems are so like sculpting — and I’ve always been very jealous of sculptors’ abilities to see the finished piece in the marble block, and just chip away the excess. You are gifted sculptor of words.

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  2. The structure worked really well here, Lisa. And once I read the title (duh) I understood how the two voices held their parts of the conversation. Very strong. You must have stared at this page for hours to find this duet!

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  3. These Erasure poems are AWESOME! You made this read so effortlessly but I know for sure it was no walk in the park! The layout worked really well with the pace for me.

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