Missed Connections*

i saw you near the bus stop at wales street and lee avenew i was the girl in the dark red cords and the holly hobby sweater and clogs. the kind that make that cool clip clop clip clop sound against the sidewalk. it was monday. or tuesday? i was wearing my pink ballet tights… Continue reading Missed Connections*


What it’s like to fall in love

Image: Page 46 of "Pointed Roofs" by Dorothy Miller Richardson. Most of the text has been blacked out. The remainder reads: The high the long sweep of glad music the first duet unexpectedly loud trembling hands across the hearthrug remember the red-hot fire the bottle the room full of play the silly remark feeling whole and… Continue reading What it’s like to fall in love

The Hidden Beauty in Tragic Things

Like this. A 10-year-old boy gets dropped off early at drama camp by his au pair every morning.  He's never without something to swish and swoosh—a lightsaber, a plastic sword, a stick from the parking lot—despite knowing he'll have to leave them aside 'til the end of the day. Camp rules. Your mom presses her forehead into… Continue reading The Hidden Beauty in Tragic Things