Sorry, not sorry

I am a Class A People Pleaser – a living, breathing apology - and I kind of hate that about myself.  Notice I said "kind of" just then? I've only written two sentences and I've already apologized by softening a hard truth. People who need to make everyone happy like I do know how to smooth… Continue reading Sorry, not sorry



(Trigger warning: rape, death) After you told me you had been fucking your dance teacher for the entire four years we were together; after I moved on, found someone new; after you dragged me into that hotel room, the one at the back of the complex where no one could hear my staccato protestations, see… Continue reading After

A study of thanatosis (playing dead) as an anti-predatory coping strategy in various species.

Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse A number of animals including mammals, insects, and reptiles exhibit a type of adaptive behavior known as playing dead or tonic immobility. This behavior is commonly seen in animals that are lower on the food chain but can be exhibited in higher species. Also known as thanatosis, playing dead is often… Continue reading A study of thanatosis (playing dead) as an anti-predatory coping strategy in various species.

Falling is easy, it’s getting back up that’s hard

Spring, 2006. I was heart-racing-squeal-at-the-top-of-my-voice excited to leave work to meet a realtor to discuss a gorgeous split-level. After moving 15 times in 13 years, this was going to be my first real house house, with its vaulted ceilings and its big-enough-for-a-dog-and-a-swingset-and-a-hammock backyard. I burst out the door in my platform wedges, and as I… Continue reading Falling is easy, it’s getting back up that’s hard

Drug Facts

(An easier-to-read version of this post is below the following image.) Drug Facts Active Ingredient: Menopause Purpose: Invisibility Uses: Helps rid the body of possible fetuses—wanted or unwanted. Allows users to swim near sharks with minimal risk. Increases appetite enabling the user to eat a pie that has fallen out of the fridge onto the kitchen floor while… Continue reading Drug Facts

How to have the perfect lips

Step 1: Exfoliate. You need a smooth surface if you're going to have perfect lips. The slightest hint of dry skin will form a jagged barrier between you and that promotion you've been putting in long hours for, between singlehandedly closing the wage gap for women and minorities by giving the most inspiring Ted Talk of… Continue reading How to have the perfect lips